Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7, snow storm

Well, in a week I've already seen how challenging taking a photo worth sharing every day can be, but it's also made my walks to and from work a lot more interesting as I'm now looking at everything with a critical eye and constantly on the lookout for something cool:

I've also taken to carrying my little camera in my coat pocket so it's easily accessible, and things that I may have only considered for a moment before walking on, I'm now stopping to take a photo. Thinking ahead about producing hundreds of photos is daunting, so I'm practicing just thinking about one day at a time too.

Also, if you're stopping by to see what I'm up to please let me know; leave a comment, click "follow", "like" on facebook, or just say "hi" by any of the many mediums available to you, electronic or otherwise ;)
Half the fun of this is people's reactions to what I'm putting up, so thanks for the support so far!

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